The Spiritual Sandbox Podcast

The Spiritual Sandbox Podcast

    Live the life you dream about  


Every episode of The Spiritual Sandbox podcast provides its listeners with down-to-earth, experiential, and common-sense advice on how we can ease into our power, tune into our deepest desires, overcome the fear that holds us back, and discover how to focus and turn our desires into reality.  

Jill Lebeau and Amit West are the hosts that lovingly show us how to transmute pain and suffering into enthusiasm and joy, and how to do it with ease.

The universe could not have brought together two souls more suited to teach us how to reclaim our power, overcome our fears, and free ourselves to be who we truly are.

I asked Jill and Amit what their intentions are for this podcast, and they were very clear:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to guide our listeners to remember the truth of who they really are—infinite beings of pure love!  It is our deepest joy to share super simple, fun and highly effective practices to support our audience to reclaim their power and raise their vibrations.  So essential in navigating these rapidly changing times with ease, grace, and a good dose of laughter.”

At the time of this writing, you’ll find 10 mindfully nutritious episodes, including such topics as Balance & Boundaries, The Nectar of Life, The Price You Pay For Not Speaking Your Truth, and Self-Love as a Foundation. 

Just listening to the playful back-and-forth conversations of Jill and Amit will have you raising your vibrations and expediting your spiritual growth in no time.  Have a listen today; your soul will thank you.


Jill Lebeau, MFT is a spiritual psychotherapist, and the author of Feng Shui Your Mind:  Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life. For more than 30 years, she has guided her clients to live the life they choose to live through an innovative method of rapid transformation.  She teaches leading edge practices to   shift from feeling stressed to blessed, and to do it with ease.

Amit West is a transformational facilitator.  She works with her clients to guide them to freedom from attachment to suffering and from a suffocating belief system to embodying their infinite potential.  Clarity breathwork, Breathwork medicine, Energy medicine, Reiki, Integrative bodywork, and intuitive guidance and channeling are some of the modalities Amit uses in her approach to help us see what is in our hearts

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