Spiritual Growth Checkpoint: Accessing our Magic

Spiritual Growth Checkpoint:  Accessing our Magic

We all have magic within us; magic is, simply put, a way of being and doing.  Using our magic means using our perceptions, will, and communication skills to let the world and the universe know exactly what it is that we desire.  Some call it visualization or affirmation; some call it using “The Secret.”  My Guide Group, the “GG” calls it tapping into our power.

My Guide, Arthur, channeled the following about our magic through automatic writing…

As a human being, magic is the manipulation of energy. It is knowing exactly what you want, expressing what that is to the universe and knowing that it will happen. That is all there is to it. Decide what you want, express what you want to the universe and expect that it will happen. There is nothing to dwell on or be anxious about. Put it out there and be confident in the results.

How and why should you be so confident?  Because human beings are spiritual beings who are presently incarnated.  Human beings have power.  They have the power to complete the “to do” lists they have created for themselves and they have the power to ignore the “to do” list they have created for themselves.  Human beings have the power to mold the world around them.

Many on this plane forget who they are, and that is normal, that is natural, it is what allows us to move through lifetimes learning and growing as we are wont to do.  But to remember who you are, and that you are indeed a powerful being, well…that is spiritual growth that is available to everyone.  And for our purpose today, we will call this power your magic, because we know that word will grab your attention. You were born with power; and the time is now to use that power to move yourself forward:

While incarnated, we seek to learn everything we can and report that knowledge back to our higher selves.  That knowledge is also absorbed by the Creator, because we are all sparks of the Creator.  Over a multitude of lifetimes, our goal is to become a Creator as well.  Is this shocking to you?  Do you think there is only one Creator?  Your Creator has given you and those who surround you the opportunity to become. You are a spark of the Creator and you have the ability to grow and become a Creator, too.

Some start out as entities who first learn the letter A and then B and then C, and continue to give themselves harder and harder objectives to meet.  Some choose one from column A and one from column B.  It is up to the individual soul to plan and control their learning and growth.

What has all of this to do with your power, your magic?  You can utilize your power to move yourself forward spiritually by focusing on what is happening in your life and what is going on around you.  You can do a self-analysis and look for life scripts, which are a series of windows of opportunities to learn a specific lesson that were missed.  When you identify a life script, note the details and resolve to do things differently the next time a similar window opens.  In this way you will begin to cross items off of your “to do” list faster, and with less drama and pain.

More than that, you have the power to create windows.  Meditate and ask your higher self and/or your Guides for help in knowing what your “to do” list for this incarnation is and then ask the universe to provide an appropriate window for you.  This is the magic of being human.  You have this power.  Use it.

Go in peace.

Arthur mentions looking for our life scripts and figuring out our missed windows of opportunities so that we won’t miss the next window that opens.  Because our windows become increasingly more dramatic as we miss them, a great goal is to try and learn a lesson as close to the ground floor as possible, rather than in the penthouse. Why?  Because the earlier we recognize and successfully deal with a window, the easier they are to get through.

On my website, you will find articles that include step-by-step tips on how to conduct a life review and start recognizing windows of opportunity and relationship villains. 

To access our magic, is to access our power.  And that is something that every one of us can do, starting today.


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