Spiritual Growth Checkpoint:  Meditating with intent, Direct contact with our Higher Self, and messages from my Guides

Spiritual Growth Checkpoint:  Meditating with intent, Direct contact with our Higher Self, and messages from my Guides


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by Sherri Cortland, ND

My Guides are continually channeling information about our Higher Self.  They are very clear that our Higher Self is our best source for guidance and information, and they reach out to us via synchronicity, repeating numbers, and even repeating song lyrics.  Receiving messages from our Guides and Higher Self in these ways is great, but Spirit would much rather converse with us; not have a one-sided conversation where they hope we recognize and understand the message being communicated.                              

All of us deserve direct communication with Spirit, and over the years my Guides have channeled a lot of advice and meditations to help us achieve this kind of connection.  One of the things they talk about and continually build upon is practicing intent during meditation to receive messages from Spirit and/or our Higher Self.   It’s not hard to do, and getting started just takes a little bit of determination, focus, and practice…

  • As you sit down to meditate, state clearly that you intend to communicate with your Higher Self or Guide. 
  • Next, state verbally or mentally your intent (goal) for the session.
  • Then breathe, clear your mind, and listen.
  • If you receive a message for which you need clarification, ask for it.

As with most things in life, practice makes perfect, and so does trusting what comes through.  A great way to develop trust in yourself is to keep a journal of the messages you receive while you’re meditating with intent.  Keeping a journal will help you build confidence and provide you with a written record of the messages you receive. To help motivate you to give meditating with intent a try, here are channeled messages from three of my Guides about the importance of receiving messages from our Higher Self:

From Akhnanda: “Dear ones, so often you seek help and wisdom from each other, through books, and from other sources that you trust. Why not trust yourself? Lest you forget or have not yet remembered, you are a Creator in your own right, as you are most certainly part of the Creator/Source/God. Even so, when incarnated, and blind to who you are, it makes sense to seek guidance. Your Higher Self knows who you are and understands exactly what it is that you have set out to accomplish during this lifetime. You are eternally connected to your Higher Self, and your Higher Self is the cradle of wisdom for you when you are incarnated. Seek help and wisdom from your Higher Self. Do so by going within. Go within by sitting in silence. Gather wisdom and direction by listening to guidance that will flow. Go in peace.”

From Gilbert: “Are you aware of who you are?  I know you think you know who you are, but let us reveal to you an important universal truth:  You and I are both the same.  We are both part of the Source and right now you are also an emissary of the Source here are Earth.  At this time, you are incarnated in order to have experiences and learn things you want to learn, and this information is being reported back to the Source via your Higher Self, so that the Source can grow along with you.  In this way, you have three distinct missions right now: (1) You represent Source; (2) You are incarnated to learn and grow for the benefit of your own distinct soul; and (3) You are here to help the human race continue to raise overall vibrations and evolve.  So, you see, who you are is extremely important and not to be taken lightly.  In all of your actions, remember who you are and you will make the best choices possible.  Go in peace.”

From Sunna: “As you know, my area of expertise is the Higher Self, and today I would like to remind everyone that not only are you each part of God/Creator/Source, you are also part of your Higher Self. The Higher Self appears separate when one is in body, but all souls are continually connected to this entity that is, well, YOU. There is no better guidance to be received then that which comes from your Higher Self, yet there appears to be a trust issue when it comes to paying attention to the valuable information one receives from this font of wisdom. Is this because the guidance is given internally? Is this because it comes from within? It is time to trust yourself and trust the guidance that comes from within. Go in peace.”

Are you ready for direct communication with your Higher Self and Guides?  Of course you are, and you certainly deserve it!  Sit quietly for five minutes right now—you’ll be glad you did. 


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