Accidents are not Accidental

Accidents are not Accidental

Accidents don’t happen to us by accident. We are very much
involved in the planning and construction of them, and by
understanding that accidents are a learning opportunity that
we planned for ourselves, no matter how trivial or tragic it
might be, we will be better able to cope with the pain and
suffering caused by these events. By being awake to the
nature of accidents, we will have a better understanding of
the dynamics of the situation and recognize an accident for
the window of opportunity* that it presents. And while we
may never forget our part in an accident (and probably
shouldn’t), we will be able to learn from it, and be more
open to forgiving others, and ourselves, so that we can move
forward and expedite our spiritual growth.

According to my Guide Group, the “GG,” accidents are
pre-planned events that are designed to provide multiple
windows of opportunity for learning and growth for many
individual souls. A great deal of preparation goes into
planning an accident, and according to the GG: “This
planning includes the careful orchestration of entire lives.
The level of organization necessary to ensure that two or
more people end up in exactly the right place at exactly the
right time, in order for an accident to take place is

As mind-bogglingly complex as it is for us to contemplate
the thought that accidents are pre-planned events, the GG
says it’s equally complicated to formulate the windows to
make them happen, which is something that we when we’re on
the other side of the veil planning our upcoming
incarnation. This is due to coordinating the ripple effect
that begins with the initial participants and eventually
touches and opens windows of opportunity for their families,
friends, co-workers, care-takers, and anyone they come into
contact with at the accident scene, in the hospital, in the
doctor’s office, and even at the drug store. More and more
windows of opportunity are opened as people are touched and
affected by the accident in different ways, and in turn,
interact with others.

The GG note that there are four main reasons that we might
consider planning to be involved in an accident:

1) To satisfy Group Karma
2) To satisfy an individual Karmic debt
3) To learn a particular lesson
4) To have an experience that will allow us to advance to
the next level of our continued spiritual growth

They also channeled that while there are many possible
reactions to an accident, it is the way that we react that
is the key to learning a particular lesson and getting the
most from the experience; and the GG provided the following
list to give us further insight:

• Some will react with sadness that will either recover from
or cling to
• Some will react with shock and disbelief that this is
happening to them
• Some will blame others and not take responsibility that
belongs to them
• Some will stagnate because of the accident, while others
will deal with it and move forward
• Some will forgive the person who caused the accident, some
will not
• Some will forgive themselves, others will not
• Some will become caregivers (possibly allowing them to
complete a Karmic cycle)
• Some refuse to become caregivers (possibly exercising
freewill and missing an opportunity for growth or refusing
to be a caregiver is exactly what they are supposed to do—we
can’t judge)
• Some continue to be friends with or close to those who
suffered as a result of the accident, and some move away

Here’s how to tell if the reaction you had is the correct
reaction to get you through such a window of opportunity:
You’ll stop attracting the same type of situation to you,
for example: My nephew once had six incidents surrounding
his car in a two-month period. He had five accidents of
varying degrees, and then the car was stolen one night from
in front of his apartment building. When he finally
reflected on these incidents and examined his attitude and
reactions, he tried something new: Instead of playing a
victim role, he owned up to his part in what happened and
began to accept responsibility instead of continuing to
blame others. And then the accidents came to a complete
stop, and do did his life script of attracting fender
benders—and it happened overnight.

A life script is a series of windows of opportunity where we
didn’t learn the lesson we planned to learn, and so we
continue to draw similar circumstances to ourselves until we
eventually adjust our attitude or actions, and learn the
lesson. Our windows of opportunity are as unique as the
individual souls who design them, and to learn a lesson
that’s eluded us, the best thing we can do is to look inside
ourselves and search for patterns and life scripts. Once we
recognize a pattern, we’ll know that how we handled similar
situations in the past didn’t work, and we’ll also know that
we need to alter our reactions, attitude, or actions the
next time a similar window opens.

Fender benders are one thing, and life altering/tragic
accidents are something else entirely. Please know that
life altering accidents are not taken lightly on the other
side of the veil—these events are of great importance to the
life plan of the individuals involved. The reason that the
GG are arming us with this information about the origin of
accidents is so that we can better understand the why of
them, and their intent is that this knowledge will give us
the power to analyze the opportunities for growth that
result from them. They are not saying that this information
makes it easier to deal with an accident, but that by
understanding that an accident is a window of opportunity
that we have planned for ourselves, we will be able to help
ourselves move forward more quickly, particularly when it
comes to forgiveness.
Note: Please click on “Windows of Opportunity” and
“Relationship Villains” for complete explanations of these

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