Power, Awareness, & Spiritual Growth

Power, Awareness, & Spiritual Growth

As originally published November 2021 in Eden Magazine

Making conscious choices demands that we pay attention to what we’re doing, and that puts us firmly in the moment.  If you’ve read any of my books or articles, you know that my Guide Group, the “GG,” is continually driving home the importance of living in the moment aka the here and now. 

Why are my Guides so vociferous when it comes to this subject?  Because when are firmly in the moment, when we are considering all options, and taking in all that’s going on around us, we will make better choices.  And the choices we make today affect our spiritual growth.  Three things that the “GG” say will help us make considerable progress are to:

  • Be present,
  • Live in the moment, and…
  • Watch what you think and say.

As we incorporate these three points into our daily lives, we are, in fact, practicing awareness. 

We can’t be present, be in the moment and watch what we’re thinking and saying without being aware of exactly what we’re doing, and if we’re aware of what we’re doing at any given moment, we will accelerate our spiritual growth.   It all comes back to us.  We have to step up and take responsibility.  We have that power.  And to remind us about our power, here are some channeled messages from my Guides Gilbert and Selena…

From Gilbert: “Greetings. Let us talk briefly of the importance of the Here and Now. Living in the present, living in the moment, paying attention to what you say and do BEFORE you say and do them—these are the things that will allow you to move forward much more quickly. The past is important as a marker, as a history lesson that we can learn from, but to dwell in the past will keep you from progress. It is good to have a plan, but to live with your head in the future will not help you grow—it’s what you do today, in the present moment that FORMS your future. Go in peace.” 

From Selena:  As a being of energy, it is important to understand that your decisions are energy and every word you speak produces energy which affects not only your own journey, but the journey of those around you as well. As your Guides, we speak often of the power of positive and negative energy in relation to raising one’s vibrational levels and the effects of positive and negative energy with relation to planet Earth—these are the macro consequences of producing energy. The micro consequences of producing energy include the ways in which one’s thoughts and actions affect your daily lives and the direction of your on-going journey. The word consequences as in “The consequences of your actions” sounds threatening and perhaps negative, but it shouldn’t be so. Lightworkers continue to create positive energy and therefore positive consequences every day by consciously creating positive energy. Understanding that there are either positive or negative consequences to one’s actions is an important step in understanding the power of your energy and the power that you have to effect change. Go in peace.”

From Gilbert: “Today let us speak of living in the moment, a phrase that has nearly become a cliché but a phrase that all should take seriously. The present is where important choices are made. The choices that were made in the past shaped your present, and the choices you make now will shape your future. You cannot undo the past, but you can learn from it, and use those experiences and the wisdom gained to help you make better choices today. There are difficult choices to be made every day, and you have your Higher Self to guide you, so listen to your little voice within when you have challenges in front of you and you are not sure if you should turn right or left. There are also easy choices in front of you, such as smiling at or giving a kind word to someone. Your days are filled with choices that affect your future, and choices that will create positive energy and increase vibratory levels. Such is the power of YOU.

Go in peace.

There is no doubt that we are powerful beings and that we become more powerful as our vibrational levels increase.  With that power comes responsibility, especially since the things we choose to focus on is what we’re going to co-create or attract into our lives.  We can do or say one thing, but think another, and it’s our thoughts that will prevail because our thoughts represent our true feelings, desires and aspirations.

As we continue to grow spiritually and come to recognize our true power, we can join our thoughts and our words together and put them to work for us through a little process called intending, and being practicing awareness is a big deal here, too.  The bottom line when it comes to intending is to create an affirmation or declaration to the universe that encompasses exactly what it is that we truly intend.   Here’s how to create an affirmation that the Universe will have no trouble deciphering:   

  1. Lose the words “want” and “need.”  They indicate lack.
  2. Lose the word “hope.”  It indicates doubt that you’ll get what you want.
  3. Use the word “Intend.”  Replace want, need and hope with your true intention.

Choosing to make this small change in wording as we make an affirmation makes all the difference in manifesting the things we truly want in life and the changes that we want to make.  One caveat:  We have the power to manifest our desires, but we’re not necessarily awake enough to know if those desires will take us off tract spiritually.  To make sure that we don’t upset the Spiritual “To Do” list we set for ourselves, add this sentence to your affirmation:  I intend [place your intention here] if it’s for the highest good.”

To expedite spiritual growth, we must continually move ourselves forward, and living in the moment, practicing awareness, and carefully watching our thoughts and words will facilitate our journey.


Read original article in Eden Magazine

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