Windows of Opportunity

Windows of Opportunity
Learn to spot your windows and learn your lessons faster and with less drama and pain!

What are Windows of Opportunity?

Windows are opportunities for growth and learning that we personally designed and created for ourselves while we were on the other side of the veil planning our present incarnation.  Think of your life as a book with chapters, and in each chapter we’ve inserted scenarios or situations constructed to help us learn a particular lesson or have a growth experience.

Why Look for Windows of Opportunity?

Each time we learn a lesson or complete an experience on our “to do” list for this lifetime, we have more time to work on other items on our list.  The more we accomplish, the more rapidly we mature spiritually.  To make sure that we learn a particular lesson that we are intent on learning, we incorporate many possible windows of opportunity into our lives so that if we miss one, we will have another chance to acquire the learning or have the experience we need and want for our spiritual growth. As we miss one window and go on to another, the windows become increasingly more dramatic–that is to help us wake up and learn our lesson.  Spotting windows “on the ground floor instead of the penthouse” means that we will learn our lessons with less drama and pain, and we will accelerate our growth as we quickly move on to other lessons and experiences.

Spotting Windows

Learning to spot windows is like learning any other skill–it takes practice!  Wiindows are everywhere–at home, at work, even at the grocery store.  The best way to find your windows is to examine your life and look for patterns and life Scripts:

Step #1 – Examine your Past

If you draw similar situations to yourself, the universe is trying to get your attention If you continue to draw the same person to you, the universe is sending you a message. If you have similar disagreements with people over and over again and you think, “what’s wrong with all these people?” they might be providing you with a window of opportunity. A series of similar situations means windows of opportunity that were missed.  They create a life script.

Step #2 – Become more aware of what’s happening in your life today…

Is there a similarity between situations you find yourself in now and what you’ve been through in the past?  Comparing the present to the past will help you identify windows.

Step #3 – Ask your family and friends…

Sometimes the people we are closest to will be able to see patterns and life scripts that we miss–ask them if they noticed any patterns or scripts in your life.  They will tell you right away!!

Step #4 – Make a different choice…

Examine how you handled similar situations in the past and decide what changes you will make the next itme a similar window opens, i.e. changes in attitude or action taken.  Change the way you’ve dealt with such situaltions in the past, and you’ll put a stop to the pattern/life script. _________ Windows of OpportunityAvailable at Amazon.com
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