Accelerating Spiritual Growth by Facing our Fears

Accelerating Spiritual Growth by Facing our Fears

(Originally published in Examiner.com magazine)

Fear is something that keeps us from moving forward.  Sometimes the things we’re afraid of represent residual fear from experiences we’ve had during previous lifetimes, and sometimes what we fear is the result of something that happened to us during our current lifetime.  Facing our fears one by one and overcoming them begins with the understanding that we absolutely have the power to overcome them; and the rewards for facing our fears include increased confidence, stress reduction, and accelerated spiritual growth. Whether our fear is residual or new, our ego feeds it.  The ego is and has always been necessary to our survival as we live our lives on planet Earth, but it is also the biggest block to our spiritual growth.  Our ego, which is our conscious mind, is only a small part of who we are.  The ego reflects itself in our personality, and is the representation, the sum total, of all we’ve learned and experienced–however, it’s more of a cover identity, so we can move past our ego, overcome our fears, and accelerate our spiritual growth. As we continue to raise our vibrations, part of our evolutionary process is breaking free of our ego and becoming aware that we are so much more than the role we are playing during our current incarnation.  At the heart of our spiritual growth is the understanding or awareness of who we really are, the knowing that we are an aspect of God/Creator/Source, and as such we have the power to overcome our fears and create better lives for ourselves.  In order to achieve this awareness, we must unlock the handcuffs that keep us bound to the belief that what we are physically in this incarnation is all that we are.  Moving past our ego is the key to unlocking these handcuffs, and to breaking free of the shackles that keep us locked in fear. Understanding that we manufacture our fear means that we can make a conscious choice to face our fears, overcome them, and let them go.  Making the decision to face our fears is a substantial step forward when it comes to taking control of our lives and accelerating our Spiritual growth. One of the reasons that fear is able to take hold of us the way it does is because the majority of us try to avoid it, instead of facing it head-on. The universe gives us whatever we focus on, and if we focus on the things we’re afraid of, we will attract more of into our lives. So, by trying to avoid what we fear, we end up spending a lot of time thinking about what fear, which tells the universe that this is something we’re interested in and something that we want more of. This is a prime example of why watching our thoughts and words is so important, and it’s an excellent example of the power that we each have to create our reality. Daily meditation will allow us to quiet our minds and provide our Higher Selves with an opportunity to help us understand who we are on a soul level, which will help us move past our ego.  When it comes to overcoming our fears, we start by facing them, and meditation can aid us in this endeavor. Facing our fear makes us more powerful and more in control of our lives, and here’s one way to get started:
  • Define exactly what it is that you’re afraid of; you have to know what it is in order to neutralize it.
  • Once you know what it is you’re afraid of; examine it, recognize it, and then let it go. Stop dwelling on it.
  • If you have trouble letting it go, meditate with intention on how to neutralize your fear. Sit down in a quiet place and ask your Higher Self to help you let go of the fear you’re holding onto. Listen for advice and guidance from your Higher Self. Follow what your gut, that little voice within, says to you during your mediation.
  • To let your fear go, visualize it leaving you: like a bird flying south for the winter, off goes your fear. You have the power to do this.
Fear comes from within; it’s fed from both within and without. The sooner we acknowledge that we are powerful beings, and that our ego is no match for our soul, the quicker we’ll be able to let go of that fear and move forward.  Fear keeps us from becoming all that we can be, all that we’re meant to be, and all that we planned to be during this incarnation. Remember that you are a powerful being, and use your power to accelerate your spiritual growth. Namaste.
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