Sherri was inspired to begin her search for the truth in the 1980’s after reading Shirley MacLaine’s Out on a Limb, and pretty much anything by Ruth Montgomery and other metaphysical writers that she could get her hands on.

In 1989, she took a psychic development class that led to channeling through automatic writing.  Channeled material from her Guide Group; along with experiences from her personal journey, are documented in her books, magazine articles, and radio and conference appearances.

Sherri does not love or want the spotlight, but forced herself out of the metaphysical closet at her Guide Group’s request in 2008 to help others, who are on a similar journey, spot their life scripts, windows of opportunity, and relationship villains in order to take action to reduce drama and accelerate spiritual growth.  Helping fellow sojourners raise their personal vibrational levels, the vibrational level of our planet, and teaching others how to communicate directly with Spirit through automatic writing is a large part of her personal mission for this lifetime.

Sherri holds degrees in Communications & Naturopathy, and earned a certification in Herbology from Rosemary Gladstar.  She has served as a Vice President in the life and health insurance field, spent 18 years as a Director of Specialty Sales, and is currently a Project Manager in the travel industry.

Sherri has written four metaphysical books for Ozark Mountain Publishing; and over 300 magazine articles for various online magazines, including the Eden Magazine, OM Times, Self-Growth, and Examiner.com.